How To Get your Resume Noticed By Employers?
Resume is the first step to get selected for the interview. Only after the selection of the resume, your interview will be scheduled and hence it is very important to design the resume in a way that impresses the selector which must look like a perfect fit.

Here are some tips on getting your resume noticed by the employers:

The resume is expected to be simple and not too flashy. The details should be mentioned very briefly and to the point. A simple format is more comprehensible while a fancy formatting may confuse the selector.

Font and Formatting
Pay special attention to the font and the formatting of the resume. The font should not be too large or too small. Some recommended fonts are Ariel and Calibri (Body).  The size of 10 or 12 is good to go.

Avoid big paragraphs
A lengthy and bulky paragraph is a strict no. Instead, use bullets to make the information crisp and synchronized. Bullets are more understandable and not boring like a big paragraph.

Resume as per role
Do alter your resume on the basis of the role you are expected to appear in your upcoming interview. You can change the objective of your resume to match the current offered role.

Focus on achievements
You must jot down most of your achievements. You must chose to write only those which you find is relevant to the role you are appearing in.

Write work experience first
The first thing after objective you should have in your resume is work experience. Educational background and personal dossier should come later.