Year Ender 2018: Highlights on the Recent Bulandshahr Case
Year Ender

Recently there have been many issues taking place due to the cow slaughter.

From the beginning it has been a very sensitive issue on which the public has taken many irrelevant actions, damaging the public properties and conducting strikes.

The given report can help the people who wish to appear for any competitive exam to check out the current affairs.

Recently an issue due to cow slaughter has come up, check here:

In the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh, after the accusations of cow slaughter, a police inspector and a common citizen died in the violence.

The miscreants blasted a police post and burned dozens of vehicles. All this happened when there were about one million Muslims in a religious ceremony in the city.

Surrounded by the crowd, the sound of bullets kept coming around the inspector. Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was killed in an hour-long violence in cow slaughter’s charge while executing his duty.

The violent mob burnt the police post and pelted stones at the police. They were furious with cow slaughter charges.

The police has registered an FIR against 400 unknown people.

The sounds of 11 rounds of fire came around Inspector Subodh Singh, but the police said that his death was due to stone.

A local youth was also killed in the violence.

It is said that he was shot dead by a police rifle. SIT has been constituted to investigate both cow slaughter and subsequent violence.

There is tension after violence in the area.

A large number of forces were deployed on the spot to deal with any untowardness.

The ADG Law and Order said that the incident is under investigation.

According to the information, the crowd pelted stones in the Shyana police station area of Bulandshahr.

The violence started on Monday morning when the bodies of 25 animals were found in the village.

People have alleged that people from other communities of this village have cow slaughter.

After this there was a large number of police forces deployed in view of the tension.

The situation became uncontrollable when the crowd started stone pelting on the policemen and set fire to the police checkpoint and fire in the trains.

There is also a video footage coming out which could be the cause of violence. ADG said that the SIT will investigate the incident.

According to the reports, the police fired in the air and charged lathis in the crowd also, but the situation did not come under control.

Additional security forces have been sent in the area.

Significantly, before that, there have been many incidents of violence due to cow slaughter.

Such incidents started by Noida's Dadri were done in Alwar, Gujarat and several states of Rajasthan.

At present there is tension in Bulandshahr and a large number of police personnel have been deployed in the area.