Here is Why ‘Article 15’ is a Must Watch for Youth
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The Constitution of India is consists of rights, rules and regulations for every citizen of the country. It is important that everyone should be aware of this especially youth. The current generation prefers entertainment or movies, cinema plays an important role. Through movies, students can easily understand the situation. The movies like Uri: The Surgical Strike, Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran, Raazi, etc has served the real incidents of India.

A film has been made, ‘Article 15’. The Ayushmann Khurrana film ‘Article-15’ released on Friday, June 28, 2019. The film majorly focuses on patriotism and focuses on India’s Caste system. The movie shows the terrible face of poverty, law and caste discrimination.

This movie has a strong message for the youth; here is the reason why they should watch the movie;

What is article 15?

‘Article 15’ is based on Article 15 of the Constitution which talks about the prohibition of discrimination of Indians on the ground of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.

- The current generation, students have only studied about the caste system in the books. In metro cities, it is rare to see discrimination. Watching Article-15 movie will make them sensitive towards the subject. They will get to know why Dr Ambedkar fought for the reservation of SC/ST or lower castes. 

- Students will be able to know the ground reality of rural villages and poor people. They will find out how much constitution rights are implied in other areas across the country.  

- It is necessary that the film should reach every part of the country. Unlike comedy or an entertaining film, it is based on a vital subject. As many students or younger will watch the movie they will be able to know about the harsh reality of society.

- The students are the future generation of the country. For great and without discrimination based future, students must have to watch and analyze reality. This movie will inspire the students to put their efforts towards an equal society.

- In big cities, most of the students don’t experience caste discrimination. In urban areas, we can see inter-caste marriage, but in rural areas, we still hear about honour killing. Many people feel that the caste system now has been eradicated or doesn’t even exist in the country. But, after watching ‘Article 15’ you will understand that it still exists.

- This movie represented a case of gang rape also caste discrimination. There are many crimes that happen around the county, which remains under the cover. 
- By watching the movie we will get sensitive around people and issues around us.

-If you take a look at recent few years’ crime, you will find out that most reason for crimes is religion and caste. The religious riots and fights are increasing day by day. Somewhere, the value of constitutional rights and laws has been faded. ‘Article 15’ will inspire students to promote equality.

According to a recent scenario of the country, this movie has shown the harsh reality of India.

Unlike the other people, Students should learn to respect every caste, creed, religion. To stop this entire thing, one should take a step towards it in order to curb it. As movie stated ‘hume hero nhii, hume aise log chahiye jo hero ka wait na kre’

Article 15 is a daring and strong message holding, courageous film. This should watch by the students or youngsters.