Five most ‘crazy’ professions: To pursue or not to pursue that is the question
Everyone wants to do something unusual in life and wants to be considered as a different person. There are many ‘not so normal’ kind of job profiles which really exists and people are doing it for their living. 

Some of the bizarre jobs are enlisted here.

Odor smeller
What if you are given a job of sniffing all the day? The job ranges from being an arm pit smeller to foul breath smeller. Many mouth freshener and toothpaste manufacturing companies hire professional smellers who keep smelling their samples for hours and evaluate whether smell lasts for the committed number of hours.

Professional mourner
Would you believe that there is a company in England by the name of “Rent a Mourner” where you can hire the people who can actually cry in a funeral? Don’t believe your ears? There are professional mourners in many countries who can be hired for a price and they will go and cry in a funeral and express their blues in the most mournful way.

Dog food tasters
This is the kind of job offered by the dog food manufacturing company. Many companies hire people who have a knack for good taste. But the job here is not to taste some delish food delights but to taste the awful smelling food, which is meant particularly for the dogs. The people have to taste dog food and give an assurance about its quality. However, they are allowed to spit after they are done with their review. 

Snake venom suckers
This one can get really dangerous. There are people who work for drug companies that use snake venoms for vaccines and research. The job of the venom sucker is to suck venom from a live snake. Scary, isn’t it?

If you love to sleep, this job is perfect for you. Here, the scientists will research on your sleeping disorders. Also, furniture companies hire people who can sleep on their bed for hours to evaluate the comfort and quality of the furniture.