Engineering As Career Option
With the advent of technology and booming economy, several career options have come up but Engineering is still considered as one of the most significant for science students.

Kinds of Engineering
Engineering includes many specializations and hence a magnanimous job opportunity. Some of the specialties are mentioned below:
•    Computer Engineering is a study of design and prototype of the hardware and software computers.
•    Electrical Engineering is concerned with the electrical appliances and electrical power applications.
•    Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest forms of engineering which is concerned with the designing, manufacturing and maintenance of the mechanical systems.
•    Civil Engineering is concerned with the designing and developing of the infrastructure projects like bridges and roads.
•    Environmental Engineering is concerned with the environmental study, its improvement and protection.
•    Aeronautical Engineering is the field of study that specializes in the exploration, design, development, construction, quality testing, science, and technology of an aircraft.
•    Chemical Engineering involves the usage of the chemicals and the biological processes to manufacture some useful materials or chemical substances
•    Mining Engineering is a field of study that involves the science and technology of extracting and processing essential minerals.

There are many other disciplines of engineering courses as well. The student can take up the specialization on the basis of his choice and make a promising career for himself.