Digital Books vs Physical Books: What Matters to you?

Nowadays it is not extraordinary to find people drowned in their phones, tablets, laptops etc. we get more amazed if we see a person standing at the subway station waiting for a bus/train with a book in his hand.

We are slowly getting used to of having everything in our hand just by a click, be it be a bigger matter like fixing a deal or a small matter like reading our favourite book, now everything is possible on our phones just a click away.

Strolling around the library for searching a book does not suit us anymore, it’s rather simple to search a bestseller on our phone and start reading it on any of the reading apps just in few seconds.

But still, there are people who admire the feel of a physical book and are still in love with the aroma of its unturned pages.

And whenever the ideologies of techno-savvy and the book lovers clash there is always a debate leaving a question behind “Which is better E-book or a physical book”?
So let us bring out the pros and cons of both E-book and physical book together and check what suits us better.

Pros of an E-book
Easy to carry– Since the phone is something that we always carry along with us and it is not something extra to bother about, it is easy to just take our phone and start reading the digital version of any book you like.

Countless E-books- using a phone means we can easily store as many E-books as we want on our device, on the other hand, it is very difficult for us to carry 10 different physical books.

Comfortable- we can easily adjust the size, colour, font etc. of the e-book according to our comfort and also share any particular text on our social media. We can also read it at night without disturbing others.

Eco-friendly- the environment is not affected by e-book and no harm is done to the trees to print the e-books.

Cheap and free- many books online are free or of very less price and in addition, we get many classic books in our book reading app.

Cons of e-book     
Availability- it is difficult to find every book’s digital version as not every book has got an e-book version.

Eye-straining– as we will stare continuously on the screen of our device it will strain our eyes resulting in red eyes and itchiness in eyes

Caring– we need to be extra cautious about our device while reading an e-book as if it drops or we spill any beverage on it, it will take time as well as money to get it repaired.

Battery issue– electronic devices have a lot of battery issues. It’s very irritating if we are getting to the climax and suddenly the screen turns blank, it feels like throwing our device!

No sharing- remember such a good feeling it was when we used to share our books with each other but it is difficult to feel the same joy by sharing e-book online.

Pros of a Book
Availability- books are available anywhere near our location whether you find it in a luxurious bookstore or a small table in the corner of the subway station.

Feel– the feel of holding a book in our hand and reading it is unbeatable and far behind the e-book. While we finish the book we get attached to it and build a kind of sentimental feelings for it.

They are cheap– we can always buy a second-hand copy of a book at a very cheap rate.

Less or no eye strain– reading a book causes less or no harm to our eyes as compared to the e-book

Caring– it requires very less care than the e-book as we can be at ease at least it will not break and we can even sleep with our books putting them under our pillow.

Cons of a Book
Inconvenient – books are heavy and difficult to carry if more than one

Light – we need light for reading a book and if we want to read a book at night it causes disturbance to the person next to us

Space – books take a lot of space in our house but 200 e-books can be stored in a small memory chip.

Durability – books have a very less durability as after a period of time it starts tearing or the ink starts fading away which feels very bad.