Allahabad to Prayagraj: Know the process of changing district name in India
Allahabad to Prayagraj
For a competitive exam, one needs to be prepared with all the current affairs and should be updated with the recent nation affairs.

Here we are talking about the new booming topic which has happened recently. 

With Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government changing the Allahabad district to Prayagraj recently, the impact of the decision can be seen directly on the public exchequer responsible for renaming signboards, milestones, Aadhaar details, offices, and various other places where the name has been written.

It seems like Indian politicians are strictly abiding by the dialogue  "What's in the name?" from Shakespeare's play 'Romeo and Juliet'. Indian politicians and residents have liked the dialogue very much; then only Bombay; Mumbai has been shifted, Trivandrum has been changed to Thiruvananthapuram and recently UP's Allahabad district to Prayagraj.

Now, there is a heavy burden on the public exchequer. All the banks, railway stations, trains, stations, buses, schools and colleges located in the district or in the state have to change the name of the district on their stationery and addresses written on the board. These

The expense involved in changing the name can not be accurately estimated. The amount can be described as there are no data available. However, the government and non-governmental enterprises and the general public also have to bear the brunt.

Let us know the process of changing the district name in India.

The steps involved in changing the name of a district as follows:

Step 1. An appeal to change the name of a district is being made by the residents of that district or the people's representatives of the district.

Step 2. In this regard, a proposal is passed from the State Assembly to the Governor. Or can it be said that in order to change the name of any district or institution, the state cabinet approval is compulsory?

Step 3. The Governor sends the notification to change the name to the Home Ministry.

Step 4. The Home Ministry can either accept or reject it. If approved, then

Step 5. State Government issues a notification to change the name of the district or the government publishes a gazette.

Step 6. A copy of it is sent to the District Magistrate (DM) of the district related to the government post.

Step 7. After receiving the copy, the DM gives the information about the new name by writing a letter to the head of the department of all departments. There are 70 to 90 government departments in a district.

Step 8. As soon as the information is received, the renovation work of all these departments starts in the current documents.

Why Allahabad's name was changed to Prayagraj?
The UP government said it is restoring an old name for the city. The plan to rename Allahabad was announced by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath during his visit to the city in October 2018.

However, the Congress party and the Samajwadi Party have criticized the move.