73 % decline in foreign students enrolling in India
According to a latest data from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the no. of foreign students coming to India for higher education from seven key countries the United States, Germany, France, South Korea, Australia, China and Singapore has declined from 13,961 in 2013 to 3,737 in 2014, amounting to a 73% drop. The number of students from the neighbourhood, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, has also declined. Students from 160 countries came to India in these three years.

Few argue the scenario as the failure of policies of the previous UPA government. Which failed on many counts to put forward a brightening image of India, the incidents related to women in last few years has hugely attracted  the attention of the World, that restricts parents to send their children in our country. We need to get out of the bad publicity and focus should be on projecting a good image of India as a land of knowledge and opportunity with conducive environment.

There is no single Indian institution in the top 200 of leading university rankings like Times Higher Education should be a greater concern for us. The quality of Higher education no doubt is in bad condition, with shortage of quality faculty and less research work, one of the main reason for it is shortage of funds and other could be governments policies.

The New Education Policy should consider autonomy to the institutions, which helps the institutions to excel and attract academic talent. Measures to improve governance of higher education is the need of the hour.Without which the dreams of developed and resurgent India leading the world is not possible.