4 Things You Should Know About Acing CBSE Class X Math Exam
4 things you should know about acing CBSE class X Math exam

Math is a tricky subject for most of the students. During the 10th exams, a lot of students feel immense pressure from the parents as well as peers to get good marks in Math so that they can take science or other subjects that require Math skills. Under such high levels of pressure, it is quite easy to forget formulae and make careless mistakes. To make sure you get good marks in the final exams, you can follow some simple yet effective methods of keeping a check on the study material throughout the year.

1.    First of all, you should make a list of important concepts and formulae. Keep updating the list with time and keep it with you for a quick revision.

2.    Do not memorize the steps rather concentrate on understanding the concept. It will help you in solving questions which are related to the formulae and concepts you have learned but are different from the book. Focus on the official NCERT books as most of the questions in the exams revolves around these books. Make sure you practice all the questions and examples provided in the NCERT books.

3.    Make sure you do not skip any concept or formulae or a chapter during studies. If you skip a chapter, for the time being, make sure to go back and study it. Get previous year question papers and try to solve them. Check for the patterns and trends in the paper and prepare accordingly.

4.    Practice as much as possible to reduce the time you spend on a single question. This will help you in completing the question paper in time and does a revision before you leave the examination hall. Long questions related to Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and mensuration (measurement) are good for scoring good marks in short span of time. Prepare accordingly for them.

Acing Math exam may sound crazy to some students but it is not as difficult as it sounds. You can easily get good marks if you stick to your schedule. Do not over stress yourself and try to stay calm during the examination period.