27 Years will be the Maximum Age for the Civil Services Exam, Commission Advices The Government  
If the Central Government looked at the advice of the Commission, then the heart of thousands of youth who dream of becoming a district official, superintendent of police or becoming ambassador abroad could break. The Policy Commission has advised the government to set the age limit of 27 years for the Civil Services Examination. At present, for the general category applicants, the maximum age limit is 30 years, but the commission wants by 2022-23, the age limit should be reduced to 27 years in several phases.

The commission, which plays the think-tank of the government, gave this advice to the government in the document 'New India's Strategy @ 75' issued on Wednesday. At the same time, the Commission has also proposed that only one Integrated Examination be conducted for more than 60 different jobs in the realm of civil services at the level of the Central and the States.
It has been said in the document that the youth selected from the Integrated Examination should be created and maintained by a central talent group, from where they can be selected from various places by selecting the merit according to their capacity and job demand. In the document, the service condition of employees of autonomous institutions has been advised to be regulated and consistent.