Ban skirts in schools, says BJP MLA
In what he claims is an attempt to protect girls, BJP legislator from Alwar, Rajasthan, Banwari Lal Singhal has written to state Chief Secretary C K Mathew Saturday asking him to ban skirts as a school uniform. The BJP MLA demanded that the ban be implemented in schools across the state so that girls are spared of the ‘lustful gaze of men’.

Singhal wrote that skirts should be replaced by trousers of salwar-kameez, so that the school-going girls’ legs are not exposed.

Defending his demand, Singhal said that “this does not show any Talibani thinking or restriction on girl’s freedom but plain concern for their safety”. He said that boys were often caught taking pictures of girls without the latter noticing this.

Singhal added that cases of crime against women has been on the rise in Alwar.