Driverless cars set to be tested in U.K.
The first ever trial of self-driving cars on Britain’s busy roads will take place later this year.

Researchers from the Oxford University have been working with Japanese multinational automaker Nissan on the technology and have already tested a car on a private road in a science park.

Trials will soon take place on lightly used rural and suburban roads, The Telegraph reported.

Scientists have adapted a robot car, which is capable of running on a predetermined familiar route, although the driver can reassert control by tapping on the brakes. The trials of the driver-less cars and a pledge to pump another 500 million pounds into electric vehicles are the cornerstone of the U.K. government’s strategy. Internet search giant Google has already tested driver-less cars on 1,60,934 kilometres of roads in San Francisco, the report said.

These cars have been left to drive themselves using cameras, radar and laser sensors.