CBSE Affiliation Rule Changed, Compulsory for the Schools to Disclose Fee Structure
 The affiliation norms have been amended by the Central Board of Secondary Education, making it compulsory to disclose fees structure for all the stories.

It will also ensure that the institutions don’t levy any hidden charges on the parents.

If any institute fails to do so, it can lose affiliation.
The application process has been made simple, under the revamped bylaws.

Now just two documents are to be filled at the time of application instead of 14 documents as the CBSE has reduced the paperwork drastically.
Javadekar speaking to reporters at a press conference on Thursday said that along with a self-sworn affidavit by the applicant, getting a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the state government would be enough for the Board to process an application for affiliation.

Validating aspects such as building safety, sanitation and land ownership, among other things, the NOC would be essentially a document vetted by the district education officer.

“All the aspects would be rectified by the CBSE which are already checked by the state government.
Earlier there was a lot of duplicity of work.

This turned into a long process. At the time of giving the school NOC, now the Board will not revisit any of the aspects already covered by the state government” said Javadekar.
Now the inspection of schools will no longer be based on academic indicators and learning outcomes added the minister.

Currently there are 20,783 schools affiliated to CBSE in the country.
CBSE is taking a lot of steps to make things easier for the students as well as contributing in developing the education structure of India.