UP Board 12th Result 2018 Most Important Points About The Result
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Exams plays an important role in students life, it asses knowledge and tell us about the status in studies.

Overall, exams teach us punctuality, time coordination, tolerance, concentration and management.

Exams are the stepping stones in a student’s life. But results, scores don’t decide your future totally. Good marks may take you a level ahead but is not everything in life.

Not everyone can be a topper, even the one who scored less are still surviving and have succeeded in life.

One needs to trust themselves rather than considering high score and low score as an unhealthy competition.

Low scores are not end to the world, but it give you many new chances to improve.

Having anxiety before results are normal it’s okay if you have scored less, get over it soon and start improving on it. Think about the next step, explore what you are actually good at.

Parents and others must be having expectations, do not feel bad about it. You can always work hard to achieve anything, but if you are unable for unrealistic expectations talk it out and make them understand, as your parents will always understand you and always wants to see you happy. So, conversation is the key.

Try to engage in what you like, its the best time to get engage in your hobbies.

After results another journey for another milestone will start and you might not be having sufficient time for your particular hobbies. Do what you like and do it often. It will keep your mental state healthy.

Wishing you a happy and a stress result!
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