Himachal Pradesh Board Result 2018: Important Things Students Should Do Immediately
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Himachal Pradesh Board Result 2018 is likely to be declared in May this year. However, stress and anxiety among the students are obvious before the declaration of result. Following are the things the students immediately before result declaration.  

Exams are not Monsters
The students treat exams as devils and monsters and fail to realize that they are devised for their own good and to test how much they have learnt and absorbed.The students should relax and appear for the examinations with a calm mind.

Do not think about the results
The worry happens when the students think too much about the results. What will happen? My exam preparation is not well.  What will people think? Brush these thoughts away from your mind. Anxiety and thinking too much won’t help.

Identify your weakness
Identify the subject or the chapter that you find tough or boring. Most of the students are bothered because of the weak subjects. Once you know your weakness, the trouble will be far less.

Take Breaks
Take frequent breaks to have some fresh air. This will energize you and revive you to start studying again with a fresh mind.

Simple steps to retrieve result as follows: 

Step 1: Click on the option below.

HP Board Result 2018

Step 2: Enter Roll Number.

Step 3: Click on Submit option.