Delhi University Graduate Ishita Kishore Tops UPSC Civil Services Exam 2022 with All India Rank 1
UPSC Topper Ishita Kishore AIR 1 - PC : MRP Graphics
UPSC CSE Topper Ishita Kishore: Ishita said, "While preparing, we should be very honest and express the extent of our preparation and the stage we are at. This is because, in addition to academic qualifications, emotional strength is crucial. Moreover, patience is essential."

Delhi University student Ishita Kishore has secured the top position in the final result of the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2022. Ishita Kishore, who pursued a BA Honours degree from DU, has achieved All India Rank 1 in the Civil Services Exam 2022 Result. Ishita opted for Political Science and International Relations as her optional subject.

Ishita mentioned that she worked extremely hard for the exam and interview and felt overjoyed when she received the result. The preparation process was long, and different types of hard work were required for the preliminary examination, mains, and interview stages. She emphasized the importance of continuous hard work and self-belief.

Honesty during the preparation phase is essential. Ishita stated, "While preparing, we should be very honest and transparent about the extent of our preparation and the stage we have reached. This is because, besides academic qualifications, emotional strength plays a significant role. Additionally, patience is also crucial."

Represented India in the Subroto Cup

Ishita's mother, Jyoti Kishore, expressed her happiness, saying, "I am delighted. Ishita has been well prepared and has always remained focused on her goals. She has also been a skilled player and represented India in the Subroto Cup. She has excelled in every endeavour she pursued."

Received Education from the Air Force Bal Bharti School

Jyoti Kishore further shared that Ishita completed her schooling at the Air Force Bal Bharti School. Her father, who was a Wing Commander, is no longer with us. Ishita was very young when she lost her father. She concluded by saying, "The entire family has consistently supported Ishita. We have always been there for her. As a mother, I have done what was expected of me."