CBSE added ‘Extra Marks’ in 12th Boards Result, Know How CBSE Explains ‘Extra Marks’
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As per Times of India’s latest report, The Central Board Secondary Examination (CBSE) has given 56 extra marks in 12th board exam. This year the number of subjects in which moderation took place increased from 6 to 9 in 2018. Students of Science stream from Delhi region scored 85% or less in each main paper, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, were given extra marks. The CBSE has given 32 marks, around 11% of the total marks in these subjects.

What CBSE moderation Policy?
CBSE moderation Policy is a practice done by school education boards to bring uniformity in the evaluation process. CBSE has started this moderation in 1992. This was done to compensate for difficulties students may face in answering the questions.

This has resulted in some of the best universities in the country setting extremely high-cutoff in recent years. For example, last year’s cut-off of Delhi University was 100% in a few subjects.

The moderation of marks in class 12th is in practice since 2016.

For certain subjects, marks were raised in 2016 and 2018. The moderated marks were like this;
2019 2018 2017 2016
Maths 11 9 10 15
Physics 11 9 9 8
Chemistry 10 9 9 7
Political Science 6 NA 5 5
Economics 5 NA 3 6
Biology 5 NA 3 NA
Business Studies 5 8 6 11
Sociology 2 NA NA 6
Geography 1 NA NA 8
The policy of Moderation Process:
The moderated marks are not given to all candidates equally.
- The students who fail the subject will not be granted moderated marks.
- The total marks of the subject after the moderation must not exceed 95%
- Candidate with 85% or less will be got all 10 marks.

This year there was a big difference came in no. of the 90% score holder. The number of students who scored over 90%:
- 2019: 94,299
- 2018: 72,599
- 2017: 63,247
- 2016: 63,387

The Reason of moderation of marks;
- Ambiguity in questions
- The high difficulty level of a paper
- Equalizing Different sets of question paper in case of multiple sets
- Lengthy question paper
- Question from out of syllabus and tricky questions.

On moderation of marks, the high court had termed the CBSE’s move to scrap the grace marks moderation policy as irresponsible and unfair.

Earlier in April 2018, a meeting attended by School Education Secretary, CBSE and State Education Boards had decided to scrap the marks moderation Policy to decide total marks of students.

The government had ordered the CBSE to avoid bunching of marks.