Achieved 55th Rank in 17 Days Study: IPS Akshat Kaushal's UPSC Success Story and Strategy Revealed
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Akshat Kaushal's Advice for UPSC Aspirants: Overconfidence is the gateway to failure in the exam, while following the motto, Those who try never lose'.


The Inspiring Journey of IPS Officer Akshat Kaushal


Every year, the UPSC conducts the Civil Services Examination, attracting around 10 lakh applicants. However, only a handful of candidates, around 10 or 15, make history by cracking the exam. Despite the dedicated efforts of numerous aspirants over several years, success remains elusive for many. Here is the story of Akshat Kaushal, who achieved the remarkable feat of becoming an IPS officer after preparing for the UPSC exam in just 17 days.

In 2017, Akshat secured the 55th rank in the UPSC Civil Services Examination, marking his fifth attempt. Interestingly, he had previously abandoned his UPSC aspirations after facing failure four times. However, a chance encounter with friends a mere 17 days before the exam rekindled his motivation to take another shot at the UPSC. With renewed determination, he appeared for the exam after a brief 17-day preparation period and emerged victorious.

IPS Akshat Kaushal's Advice for UPSC Aspirants

  • Understanding the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly before commencing preparation is crucial, according to Akshat.
  • Overconfidence should be avoided at all costs, as it often leads to failure in the exam.
  • Seeking guidance from seniors and friends who are also preparing for the UPSC exam can prove invaluable. Drawing from their experiences can greatly enhance one's chances of success.
  • If, despite giving their best, a candidate feels unable to achieve the desired results, taking a break and then re-strategizing their preparation approach is advisable.
(Written By: Avantika Rana)