Survey reveals rudest professional behaviour
The next time you are on a conference call and not required to speak make sure that you mute the phone because not doing so is viewed as the rudest professional behaviour, according to a survey by IT firm Pitney Bowes.

The survey underlined that 43% Indian respondents found not muting the phone line during a conference call the rudest professional practice.

A close second is "not looking somebody in the eye during handshake" with 39% of the Indian respondents saying it is extremely offensive to look away while greeting someone with a handshake.

Globally, 55% respondents found this behaviour most unacceptable professionally.

Pitney Bowes surveyed 5,000 people across the US, France, Germany, Britain and India to find out what business-related behaviour they consider rude.

Respondents were asked to select the behaviours that they found most rude, ranging from traditional interactions like handshakes to technology-reliant communication techniques such as LinkedIn invites.

One third of the Indian respondents felt "checking emails while in a meeting" is also not socially acceptable and considered professionally rude.

About 51% said not muting phone line was rude, while 48% said checking emails in a meeting was unprofessional on an average globally.

"This survey is an indication that even though communicating digitally may be quick and easy, this should not open the door to offensive behaviour," the study said.

Other unacceptable professional behaviours include checking texts during business lunch, sending LinkedIn invites to strangers, use of capitals in text/emails to make a point and requesting 'sender received' with every email.