UP Board 2020 Result may Get Delayed Due to Coronavirus
Result - PC : Self
On the first day of the assessment, 41 % of the teachers did not reach the evaluation center to check the copy due to the fear of the coronavirus.

It has also appeared among the teachers on duty for evaluation of the copies of the board exam as per live Hindustan.com report. The reason they are citing is being ill or being not available. DIOS has issued notice to absent teachers.
Evaluation Centres:
Five centers have been set up in the district for evaluation of board examination copies. It provides for the evaluation of intermediate copies in high school and MG Inter College, MP Inter College and Jubilee Inter College at St Andrews Inter College and MSI Inter College. Duty of 3,196 teachers has been imposed at these centers for evaluation of copies. On the first day only 1868 teachers arrived, 1328 teachers were absent.

No sanitizer and mask
Even after the instructions of the Principal Secretary and the Secondary Education Council Secretary, the five assessment centers built in the district on Monday did not have any resources for sanitation, caution and other resources including sanitizer, mask, soaps and so on. Center administrators said that soap and sanitizer would be ordered by evening. Along with this, all places will also be cleaned.

Not maintaining Distance
Teachers were instructed to sit at a distance of one meter during the assessment from Corona for rescue. However, on Monday, the teachers on duty were seen sitting around to check the copy at the evaluation centers. In a room at Jubilee Inter College, six teachers, who were checking the copy, were seated side by side. Similarly, it was also seen at other centers.

Centre's scenario:
St Andrews Inter College: There are 535 teachers deployed to examine 1,42,909 copies of different subjects of high school. Only 217 teachers attended on the first day. Copies could not be investigated after the meeting on the first day. The system of masks, sanitizers, soaps, etc. was also not seen.
MSI Inter College: 1545 examiners are deployed here to examine 3,44,591 copies of different subjects of high school. On the first day, only 1000 teachers appeared and evaluated 265 copies. Arrangements for masks, sanitizers, soaps, etc. were not seen.
MG Inter College: Inter has a deployment of 334 teachers to test 1,13000 copies. Only 102 teachers were present on the first day and rated 774 copies. In order to guide the rescue from Corona, the teachers were seated far and wide. There was no arrangement of sanitizer, soap, mask, etc.
MP Inter College: 95 thousand copies of Inter are to be examined here. 408 teachers are posted. On Monday, 243 teachers arrived and tested 1300 copies. In order to guide the rescue from Corona, the teachers were seated far and wide. But there was no arrangement of sanitizer, soap,u mask, etc.
Jubilee Inter College: There is a system of testing intermediate copies. 374 teachers have been deployed to examine 1,02054 copies of different subjects of Inter. 243 of these examiners on Monday for evaluation. Teachers rated 989 copies.
Information on prevention from corona has been given by meeting at all assessment centers. The sanitizer has been asked to arrange masks and soaps. The center administrator is arranged to seat the teachers at a distance of one meter. Notice has been issued to absent teachers. -Yogendra Nath Singh, Joint Education Director, Gorakhpur