What Students Need to Know About Studying in Netherlands?
Netherlands is a perfect destination if a student wishes to study abroad. However, there are some know how's which the student must know before he plans to start his education in the country of Netherlands.

Most Spoken Language: Dutch

Although you will find many people speaking English in Netherlands, but students are still advised to learn Dutch, just at the beginner level, to interact with locals. This will help them a lot in their day today life at Netherlands.

Student Participation :

In Netherland's colleges and universities, the mode of teaching is quite different as compared to India. They stress more on the interactive discussions and students leading the class unlike India where the teacher gives lectures.

Team Work :

The student must mentally prepare himself to be able to work as a team before moving to Netherlands. Because in the country like Netherlands, the students do not work individually on the projects, rather they are divided in a group of 2 or more and then given a task to complete project and assignments.
Strict College Hours :

The college hours is strict in Netherlands. The student must mark his presence at a given time and they do not appreciate the late comers. Also, the students cannot leave the college until the college hours are over.

Technical Learning :

The students of Netherlands are given a lot of technical and high definition gadgets to use in their assignments and projects. The college makes these gadgets available for the students who demand the same.

Hard Work is Appreciated :

In the country of Netherlands, the student can always expect a pat on back and few words of appreciation every time he puts in a hard work. The professors do appreciate the effort of the students.

Placement Opportunities :

A student studying in Netherlands can expect an immediate placement because the colleges work in close coordination with the companies and have good relationship with them. This creates tremendous employment opportunities for the students.
New Ideas :

The Dutch people appreciate new ideas and an out of the box thinking. They like foreigners as they get a chance to have an all new way of thinking.