Uttarakhand Board Exam 2018: Tips To Overcome Mathematics Phobia
Uttarakhand Board Exam 2018 - PC : writm.com
Mathematics has always been a subject of worry for the students. Most of them fail to finish the paper within the allotted time. But don’t think it’s not possible for you to complete the paper. Yes, you can also clear the exam if you follow the crucial tips below.

The formula and theorems are enough to scare them and give sleepless nights. Be fearless. Students should remember that efforts and hard work can eliminate your Mathematics phobia. 

Mental Maths tricks are a collection of techniques, some based on algebraic manipulation and some based on visualization, that aid in large arithmetic computations. They are useful for increasing the speed at which one can do these computations. 

The more you practice, the easier the subject becomes. The students do not spend time practicing and hence they are unable to solve complicated problems.                    

Time Management
The two or the three hours of exams are going to make or break your future. It is in your hands how effectively you can utilize that time. Divide your time for each section and do not spend too much time on one question. 

There is no use of running in the dark. Understand your syllabus and make sure to stick to the exam pattern. You can easily understand the pattern with the help of old papers and mock tests.