UP Board: Changes Coming in Class 10th pattern, Implementation of grading system, Read details here
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UP Board: The UP Board is preparing students in high school to study 10 subjects instead of the previous 6, alongside making preparations to implement a grading system. Following this change, students' mark sheets will comprise 1,000 marks in total with each paper carrying 100 marks. The board has finalized the curriculum for the 10-subject syllabus, which is also available on the board's official website.


The Board has invited suggestions regarding this matter. The Secondary Education Council has requested suggestions via email at upmspncf2023@gmail.com until June 29.


UP Board: Compulsory Subjects

  • As per the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2023 issued under the New Education Policy 2020 by the Government of India, modifications have been made in the curriculum for High School (Class 9 and 10).
  • Currently, six subjects are compulsory in high school. Now, these will be increased to ten subjects.
  • All students will be required to study three languages. Hindi is mandatory for all students. Additionally, students can choose either Sanskrit, English, or one of the 17 languages of the country.
  • The fourth subject will be Mathematics, compulsory for all students.
  • Additionally, Science and Social Science will be compulsory subjects.
  • As an elective, students can choose one subject from Home Science, Human Science, Commerce, NCC, Computer, Agriculture, or Environment.
  • The eighth subject will be in the field of Arts Education, where students will choose one from Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Vocal Music, or Instrumental Music.
  • Under Physical Education, students will choose one subject from Ethics, Yoga, Sports, etc.
  • The tenth subject will be Vocational Education, comprising 26 subjects.


Candidates must note that from the ninth and tenth grades onwards, students will study different subjects. With its implementation, the format of Science stream, Arts stream, Commerce, and Vocational stream will be discontinued. Each student will study two vocational subjects over a two-year period, enabling them to start self-employment later on.


Grading System Implemented The Secretary mentioned that along with the curriculum changes, a grading system will be implemented. Grades will be displayed alongside marks on the scorecard. He outlined:

  • Students scoring 91 or above will be graded as A-1.
  • Those scoring between 81 and 90 marks will receive an A-2 grade.
  • Scores from 71 to 80 will earn a B-1 grade.
  • Marks ranging from 61 to 70 will result in a B-2 grade.
  • Students with scores between 51 and 60 will be awarded a C-1 grade.
  • Those scoring from 41 to 50 will receive a C-2 grade.
  • Marks from 33 to 40 will correspond to a D grade.
  • Students scoring below 33 marks will receive an E grade.


Lastly, internal Assessment will account for 20 marks. Previously, the high school report card was based on 600 marks, which will now be expanded to 1000 marks. Each subject will now be scored out of 100 marks. This includes an 80-mark examination and a 20-mark allocation from internal assessment.