Study mobile app for Class X students launched, a digital education solutions provider, on Wednesday launched a study application for Class X students.

"Smartur 3D Quick Study App" is designed to help students appearing for the board exams (starting from March- end) to prepare efficiently and make the best possible use of the time available to them, a company release said here on Wednesday.

The app is based on principles of neuroscience of learning and psychology of motivation.

"These fundamental techniques, coupled with 3D augmented aeality technology, will ensure students are equipped to study, assimilate and retain the subject matter in the most effective manner," the release said.

The app, which currently covers critical subjects of science and mathematics, also provides parents with comprehensive analytics to monitor the progress of their children. It has been made available on Android devices for free download from Google Playstore.

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The primary aim of the programme is to enable stress- free learning for students and make them revise and retain subject matters in the most effective manner, Founder and CEO Neeraj Jewalkar.