Himachal Pradesh Board Exam 2018: Tips To Score High Marks
Himachal Pradesh Board Exam 2018 - PC : askIITians Blog
Most of the students get nervous and miss the chance of getting marks that they actually deserve.

There are many ways which can help you in getting high marks in your board exams. We have noted down a few for them to start with.

Challenge yourself
Make two versions of yourself for alternate days. Set a goal for each one of yourselves and try to defeat the one from yesterday. This will create a competitive environment for you and will help you focus.

Stick to the syllabus
Most of the students think that making an extra effort will help in the exam. This is where they fail to understand the importance of the syllabus. In 99.99% cases, there is not even a single question out of the syllabus in final exams. Stick to your syllabus and prescribed NCERT books. If you have any time left in the end, check the previous years’ papers and some do some mock tests.

Find you weaknesses
Every student is weak in one subject or one topic. You should know where you lack behind and you should work on your weak points whenever you find some time. Start debugging your mistakes and try to get rid of them. Take help of your teachers whenever required.

Manage time
Make a timetable and stick to it. Take proper sleep at least 8 hours a day. Spare some time to relax and eat properly. This will help you in gaining the right perspective and remove any chances of last moment anxiety and stress.

Do not underestimate language
Seriously don’t. Apart from science, social studies, maths etc. language can make a huge difference in your marks. Make sure you understand its concepts and give it proper time and credit.

Practice to write clean answer sheet
When you are taking mock tests make sure to keep the answer sheets clean. Most of the teachers do not like filthy answer sheets and you may not get the marks you deserve.
Sleep well, eat well, walk every day and stay calm.