World Sanskrit Day 2022: All You Need to Know About the Significance of the ‘Language of Gods’
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World Sanskrit Day 2022: World Sanskrit Day, referred to as 'Sanskrit Diwas' in India, is celebrated on an annual basis on the occurrence of Shravan Poornima, which falls on August 12, 2022 this year. It is a well-known fact that Sanskrit is regarded as the oldest language in the world and the mother of all languages in India. Being among one of the first languages in the World, it is also known as the 'Language of Gods and Deities'. It holds utmost prominence in the ancient history of India, to commemorate which, World Sanskrit Day is observed every year.

The nation rejoices in the World Sanskrit Day celebrations every year to promote the use of this language among individuals, which has diminished upto a greater extent now. Thus, this day aims for the revival and preservation of the holy language Sanskrit. Numerous events are observed on this day across the country, under which lectures are organised to apprise everyone about the deep-roots of this ancient language. Even full day seminars are organised on the occasion, where scholars shed light on the unmatched traits and importance of Sanskrit language.
World Sanskrit Day: History
The nation witnessed the very first Sanskrit Day celebrations in the year 1969. The pledge to celebrate this day every year was taken keeping in view its resurgence as well as use in daily lives.
The language of the Gods and the deities did not fail to impress the foreigners. An English scholar named Sir William Jones, who had visited India in 1783, was quite impressed by the language. As a result of the same, he founded an Asiatic society later.
World Sanskrit Day: Significance
A major fraction of the religious rituals and practices falling under the Sanatana dharma (Hinduism) are performed in the Sanskrit language itself, which very well explains why it is called the language of Gods. India has also witnessed a couple of Universities and institutions that impart education in Sanskrit, and youth are still enrolling into the same to keep the Indian culture alive and flourishing.
On the occasion of World Sanskrit Day today on August 12, 2022, here are some jaw-dropping facts about the language that make it an unmatched one.
World Sanskrit Day 2022: Facts about the Language
  1. A treasure trove of synonyms: The Sanskrit language boasts of a rich vocabulary, in which, almost 102 arab 78 crore and 50 lakh words have been used till date. Also, the English language has only one word to describe the emotion 'Love', while Sanskrit has a whopping 96 synonyms for the same, each representing a different kind of love. Moreover, Sanskrit vocabulary contains 70 synonyms for water and 122 words for 'to go'.
  2. 'Word Provider' to the English language: Umpteen words found in the English vocabulary today have their origin from Sanskrit. Some such words include Mosquito, derived from Sanskrit's Mashaka, Bangle from Sanskrit's Bangri, Sugar from Sakara and the list goes on.
  3. Outstanding language option for Computer programming: The well-known Computer language FORTAN is based on the lines of Sanskrit. Reportedly, the US is busy creating 6th and 7th generation super computers based on the Sanskrit language, which has been termed to be the most unambiguous language in existence by NASA scientist Rick Briggs. Owing to the unambiguous structure, several studies have claimed that learning in Sanskrit hones an individual's analytical and logical skills.