NIT Delhi: Student Asks, "Job or Politics, Which is Better?", Jaishankar's Interesting Response
External Affairs Minister, S. Jaishankar - PC : Social Media
S. Jaishankar at NIT Delhi: The External Affairs Minister, S. Jaishankar, addressed the students in a public dialogue programme at NIT Delhi.

During this, a student asked the Foreign Minister, "You became an IFS officer, you have been a Foreign Secretary, then you entered politics and became the Foreign Minister. So, which phase of your life do you like the most?" In response, Jaishankar chuckled and simply said, "Everyone likes youth... Who doesn't?"

Upon hearing the Foreign Minister's amusing reply, all the students burst into laughter.

External Affairs Minister Interacts With NIT Students

He stated that today's world is a world of technology. The world will come to you whether you want it or not, and this can be both an opportunity and a challenge. The events happening in the world affect us as well, and a better example of this is the Corona epidemic and the Ukraine war. Both of these directly or indirectly impacted our lives. The pandemic halted the pace of life, while the Ukraine war led to rising petrol and grain prices. Gone are the times when we used to think that national boundaries confined us, as today's globalisation has broken down the walls between inside and outside.

During a public interaction programme with the students of NIT, located in Bakoli village in North-West Delhi, the External Affairs Minister highlighted the achievements of the Modi Government, discussing the country's development and education policies. He emphasised that the future of India lies in the hands of individuals who possess technological expertise and a global perspective. These are the qualities that define one's identity.

He also mentioned how previous Prime Ministers have visited the United States, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister is an experienced and capable leader, and not only India but the entire world acknowledges this fact. India has made its mark on the global stage through initiatives such as introducing the idea of Solar Energy in Paris, disaster preparedness, the global phenomenon of Yoga Day, and the promotion of millet food as a global movement. When the Prime Minister travels to foreign countries, he represents the power of 1.4 billion Indians.

The External Affairs Minister, with 45 years of experience in foreign affairs, believes that the current global impact exemplifies India's identity on the global stage. In this world of data, semiconductors play a crucial role. The Prime Minister has advocated for semiconductors, leading to Micron's interest in setting up a testing facility and Lame Research's commitment to train 6 million people. Sundar Pichai has also expressed similar ideas.

Visit to the National Institute of Homoeopathy

Following this, the External Affairs Minister, accompanied by MP Hansraj Hans and State BJP President Virendra Sachdeva, visited the National Institute of Homeopathy in Narela, built at a cost of Rs 270 crore, and interacted with the beneficiaries present in the OPD. As part of the "Sampark se Samarhtan" programme, he also visited the family members of Tikalal Taplu, who was martyred in Kashmir, at his residence in Rohini. The External Affairs Minister also participated in the Guru Purnima Festival organised by Sudhanshu Maharaj at Japanese Park.