NEET UG Paper Leak: Bihar Police recover 6 post-dated cheques 'issued for question paper facilitators'
NEET UG Paper Leak: Bihar Police recover 6 post-dated cheques 'issued for question paper facilitator - PC : Infographics
NEET UG Paper Leak: The Economic Offences Unit (EOU) of Bihar Police has recovered six post-dated cheques which were suspected to have been issued in favour of the mafia demanding over Rs 30 lakh from each candidate seeking alleged leaked question paper ahead of NEET held last month. 

Manavjit Singh Dhillon, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) said "During the course of the investigation, EOU recovered six post-dated cheques that were issued in the favour of criminals who reportedly facilitated question papers to the aspirants ahead of the examination."

Investigators are ascertaining details about account holders from the banks concerned, he added.

6 post-dated cheques recovered

"During the investigation, EOU officials recovered six post-dated cheques issued in favour of offenders who allegedly provided the papers to candidates before the exam," EOU Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Manavjit Singh Dhillon said on Sunday. "We are gathering information about the account holders from the concerned banks," he said.

13 people have been arrested

The EOU has so far arrested 13 people, including 4 examinees and their family members, in the alleged NEET-UG 2024 paper leak case. The DIG said that all the accused are from Bihar. He said the EOU has also issued notices to 9 candidates (7 from Bihar and 1 from Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra) to join the investigation.

The NEET-UG 2024 was organized by NTA for more than 24 lakh candidates at 4,750 centers in 571 cities. At the same time, the result was declared on June 4 and there was an uproar as soon as the result was declared, many students alleged negligence in the matter.

Payments above Rs 30 lakh

During interrogation, the candidates revealed that their parents had paid over Rs 30 lakh per candidate to those who provided the question papers before the exam. “Evidence of the transactions has also been found and 6 post-dated cheques were also recovered during the investigation. The EOU officials also recovered partially burnt question papers from the safe house. “We have sought the NEET papers from the NTA. It has not yet responded.

35 candidates got the paper

"Once we get the papers from the NTA, we will send the burnt question papers to the appropriate forensic lab for examination," the DIG said. EOU sources further said that investigations so far have revealed that around 35 candidates were provided with NEET-UG papers and answers before the May 5 exam.

Candidates from various places in Bihar were brought to a rented house in Patna's Ramakrishna Nagar where they were provided with the papers and answers. Police searched the rented house and recovered mobile phones, admit cards and other incriminating documents, sources said.