NEET Row: Opposition MPs protest in parliament over the NEET issue, Union minister says no one will be spared
NEET Row 2024 - PC : MRP Graphics

NEET Row: On protest by opposition MPs in Parliament over the NEET issue, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan says, "The government is ready for every kind of discussion, but everything should happen within tradition and decorum. When the President herself spoke about the exam in her speech yesterday, it shows the government's intention that we are ready to face any issue.


The government's responsibility is towards the youth of the country, towards the students of the country... The government is ready to put forth its side, then what is the confusion? ... We are going to take the strictest action and the CBI is going to catch everyone, we will not spare anyone. 


A credible high-level committee has also been formed for reform, soon the date of all those exams will also be announced. I also request the opposition to come out of politics and join the discussion..."