National Exit Test 2023: NMC Announces Multiple Attempts for Step 1 to Improve Scores
National Medical Commission (NMC) - PC : MRP Graphics
National Exit Test 2023: Medical students can take the National Exit Test Step 1 multiple times to improve their scores, given that they have passed NExT Step 2 and complete the process within 10 years of MBBS admission, as per the National Medical Commission's regulations.

However, only the score obtained in the last attempt of NExT Step 1 will be considered for admission to postgraduate courses in broad specialties.

NMC Announces Multiple Attempts for NExT Step 1

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued the National Exit Test Regulations 2023, which outline that the test will be conducted in two phases, with NExT Step 1 and NExT Step 2 being held twice a year starting next year. The National Exit Test serves as a qualifying final-year MBBS exam, a licentiate exam for practising modern medicine, a merit-based admission test for postgraduate courses, and a screening exam for foreign medical graduates. After clearing NExT Step 1, students complete a one-year internship and then must clear NExT Step 2 to obtain a licence and pursue postgraduate degrees. The score in NExT Step 1 is considered for admission to postgraduate courses.
The NMC has urged students and stakeholders to review the guidelines and assured them of support when needed. The National Exit Test determines eligibility and ranking for admission to postgraduate medical education in broad specialties and serves as an entrance examination for PG courses. The commission will specify how the NExT results will be utilised for admission through mechanisms like common counselling.
Existing examinations will be phased out or cease to be applicable when the NExT is in force, except for previous batches as decided by the commission. NExT Step 2 results will be declared "Pass/Fail" only, while marks from NExT Step 1 will be used to prepare a merit list for broad specialty PG seats. The minimum passing marks for NExT Step 2 are 50%, or half of the maximum possible raw scores for NExT Step 1. Students who have completed III MBBS/Final MBBS from a recognised medical college are eligible to appear in the examination. NExT Step 1 exams will be held twice a year, in May and November, or as notified by the commission. Candidates can make multiple attempts at NExT Step 1 within 10 years of joining the MBBS course, provided they have passed both NExT Step 1 and NExT Step 2.
Candidates can appear in the NExT Step 1 exam multiple times to improve scores, but only after completing NExT Step 2. Score improvement attempts in NExT Step 1 are not allowed until the completion of NExT Step 2. NExT Step 1 scores remain valid for five years for admission to broad specialty postgraduate courses. However, if a candidate appears in the NExT exam cycle of NExT Step 1, only the score from the last attempt will be considered for determining the rank for admission. NExT Step 2 exams will be held twice a year, according to the NMC.