MBBS Students Have to Follow These New Rules to Become a Certified Medical Practitioner
Many rules have been changed in the MBBS course this year. The candidates who aspire to pursue this course or currently pursuing MBBS must be aware of these changes.

According to the new amendments, It has been made mandatory to complete the MBBS course across the country in ten years. 

- Candidates pursuing MBBS course should note that 75% attendance in theory and 80% attendance in practicals will be mandatory. 

- It will also be compulsory for every student to secure a score of 40% in theory and 40% in practical and 50% in total.
MBBS Students Have to Follow These New Rules to Become a certified medical practitioner
While as per new amendments, every MBBS student has been given four years to pass the first probe. Before the amendment, it was compulsory for an MBBS student to pass his first probes, after which he could complete his degree at any time. But with the implementation of the new rule, every medical student will have to complete the MBBS course in ten years.

Practical and Ethical Education Simultaneously

According to media reports, earlier MBBS students were introduced to patients in the hospital wards under the second probes. 

But in the new education system, medical students are introduced to patients and their relatives right from the beginning. 
This will help to increase candidates practical as well as ethical knowledge.

Under this manual, one-month orientation program was organized at the beginning of the course. According to the new rules, every subject will be studied as soon as the course starts. 

Same Syllabus, On-time Classes

According to media reports, Dr. Rohtas Kanwar Yadav, Executive Vice Chancellor and Director of PGIMS, said that medical education has been made uniform across the country. MBBS course will have the same syllabus everywhere and it will be taught as per schedule. 

From 2019, it will be compulsory for every student to complete the MBBS course in ten years of registration.

However, the registration of the concerned student will be cancelled if rules were not followed. The attendance and qualifying marks have been fixed in theory and practice. Most importantly, the new rule will be applied to all 21 subjects. 

Therefore it is important that every student do his theory and practice carefully.

About MBBS Course New Rules

There will be one part in the first probe, one part in the second probe and two parts in the third probe.

The duration of the first probe will be one year and the second probe's duration will be one and a half years. 

Apart from this, MBBS student will be required to do an internship of one year.