CU-Chayan: UGC Launches A New Unified Recruitment Portal for Central Universities
CU-Chayan: UGC Launches A New Unified Recruitment Portal for Central Universities - PC : MRP Graphics

UGC Launches CU-Chayan: The University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar has launched the Central University Faculty recruitment portal, CU – Chayan, on May 2, 2023. The portal is a unified recruitment platform designed and developed specifically for the faculty recruitment process in Central Universities. The CU-Chayan portal is user-friendly and caters to the needs of all the stakeholders in the recruitment process. In this article, we will discuss the various features and benefits of the portal.

What is the CU-Chayan portal?

CU-Chayan is a unified recruitment portal, specifically designed and developed for faculty recruitment at Central Universities. The portal provides a common platform for listing vacancies and job advertisements across all CUs. It is completely online and user-friendly, designed to cater to the needs of all stakeholders in the recruitment process.

Features of CU-Chayan Portal

The portal provides a range of features for both universities and applicants. Some of the key features of the portal are:
  • Single applicant login for applying to any/all Central Universities
  • Real-time tracking of application
  • Personalized dashboard for each Applicant
  • Admin dashboard for each University/Department
  • Built-in email communication tool
  • Online feedback/reference for Applicants 
  • Real-time analysis and application insights

Benefits for Applicants

For applicants, the portal offers several benefits, including a consolidated listing of job openings across all participating universities, a single login for applying to any of the universities, and personalized dashboards to help manage the application process. The applicant can search for jobs using various filters like University name, location, designation, category, subject, type of employment, experience, education level, etc. Registered applicants will also receive an email informing them about new vacancies advertised by any CU. Applicants can keep updating their applications from the Personalized dashboard for each Applicant and transfer this application to any CU that has advertised faculty positions.

Benefits for Universities

For universities, the portal provides real-time tracking of applications, customized admin dashboards, and configurable advertisement rules. It enables a completely online process, including payment gateways, from initial application to screening, and includes built-in email communication tools and online feedback and reference options for referees. The Screening Committee of the University can view details of the applicants, points/research scores given by the system, and check the uploaded document against each entry. Points and comments from the Screening Committee can also be recorded in the portal itself.

Impact on the autonomy of CUs

The portal does not affect the autonomy of CUs in filling faculty positions. Central Universities will continue to advertise the positions, collect online applications, shortlist the applicants, conduct interviews, and appoint the faculty members as they were doing earlier. All the activities will be carried out through the Admin dashboard for each University on this portal. UGC will maintain this portal for the benefit of all the CUs, and it is not a centralized recruitment process for all CUs. All CUs will continue to have their autonomy in the recruitment process, and all recruitments will be done by the respective CUs.

Consultation with VCs of CUs

The CU-Chayan portal has been developed in consultation with the Vice-Chancellors (VCs) of all CUs. Their feedback and inputs have been incorporated, and changes can be made to customize the portal to take care of the specific needs of any CU. UGC will also provide training to CUs on using this portal.

Shift to CU -Chayan Portal

All future recruitments will take place on this portal. However, ongoing recruitments for which advertisements have already been issued will go on without using this portal. For all the recruitments, applicants have to apply only on the CU-Chayan portal. All the CUs need to deactivate their recruitment portal. The current reservation system will not be affected. Each university will continue to follow the Government of India reservation system and prepare their respective rosters as per DOPT rules.

The portal can be accessed at