Join Our English Online Class to Crack Govt Exam with Neetu Singh on Aug 2
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Candidates preparing for competitive exams experience many kinds of situations. The most problematic situation a candidate goes through is while preparing English Grammar and its Rules.

Since many candidates preparing for competitive exam belongs to non-metropolitan cities. Where people don't give importance to English subject. Later, this causes a lack of confidence in candidates preparing for competitive exams.

English is a subject which is very important for candidates preparing for SSC and other competitive exams. As it contains equal marks like Maths, Reasoning & GS.

It consists of a lot of grammar rules which is not easy to learn. However, English is also assumed to be the most scoring subject. 

So, to provide candidates assistance with good preparation tips and tricks we are conducting a motivational session.

The session which will be streaming on social platforms of Amar Ujala on Friday, August 02, 2019 at 07:00 pm.

The candidates are invited to join the session with the most famous English subject expert Nitu Singh.

About Neetu Singh:

Neetu Singh is the most famous person among the students preparing for competitive exams. Many students seem her as their role model. She is well known for her honest endeavour and zest to provide impeccable quality education to students.

Neetu is the founder of ‘Paramount Coaching Centre’ in Delhi. She is the active Founder and Director of the institute ‘KD Campus Pvt. Ltd’.

Neetu Singh is the writer of the book ‘English for General Competition – from Plinth to Paramount’ which was flagged ‘the best seller’ in Amazon in category ‘Competitive exams’.

As we all know English is the most scoring and reliable subject in the competitive exam. So, competitive exam aspirants are invited to join the counselling session. The session will be conducted live on Friday, August 02, 2019 at 07:00 pm on all the social platforms of Amar Ujala. The candidates can find the video for the same on youtube channel.