Food Corporation of India
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Dr.Amar Singh, IAS
Chairman & Managing Director
Phone: 23414074,43527529

Dinesh Kumar, IAS
Executive Director (Transport/S&C/Movement)
Phone: 43527490

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Food Corporation of India: 16-20
Barakhamba Lane, New-Delhi-110001
Phone: 011-43527462


The Food Corporation of India was setup under the Food Corporation Act 1964, in order to fulfill following objectives of the Food Policy :

(a).Effective price support operations for safeguarding the interests of the farmers.
(b). Distribution of foodgrains throughout the country for public distribution system
(c).Maintaining satisfactory level  of operational  and buffer stocks of foodgrains to ensure National Food Security

In its 45 years of service to the nation, FCI has played a significant role in India's success in transforming the crisis management oriented food security into a stable security system. FCI's Objectives are:
  • To provide farmers remunerative prices
  • To make food grains available at reasonable prices, particularly to vulnerable section of the society
  • To maintain buffer stocks as measure of Food Security
  • To intervene in market for price stabilization