JEE Mains Session 2 Result: Amravati Lad Shrenik Brings Laurels to Maharashtra, Wishes to Enroll in IIT Bombay
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Happiness knew no bounds for the folks of Maharashtra after the declaration of JEE Mains 2022 Session 2 results on August 6, as the Amravati native Shrenik Mohan Sakala sealed his place among those candidates to have achieved the top spot with 100 percentile. Notably, a total of 24 candidates have ended up securing a perfect score of 300 out of 300 and Sakala has emerged as the sole topper from Maharashtra state.

Revealing his success mantra, the sole topper from Maharashtra, Sakala stated that the Covid-induced lockdown turned out to be more convenient and beneficial for him, as it saved his commute time from his home to the coaching center. He added that there was enough room for self study, which was a major contributor to his success in JEE Mains 2022.
He continued to elaborate on other contributory factors, eventually leading to his success, one of which was not getting distracted. Sakala said, 'My unwavering concentration during the study hours prevented me from getting distracted. As my younger sister was appearing for Class 10 exams this year, the milieu at our home was also conducive. Our mother ensured that there were as few distractions and disturbances as possible, even if we had guests at our home.'
Shedding light on the career aspirations, Sakala stated that he is quite interested in Applied Mathematics and thus, would enroll into either IIT Bombay or IIT Delhi in the Computer Science stream, with specialization in Data Science.
Sakala also performed splendidly in the CBSE Term 2 exam 2022 this year, ending up with a 99 percent score in Physics and Chemistry, followed by 98 percent score in Mathematics. He is a former IGCSE student who had passed Class 10 under the same board, topping in his school. However, he switched to the CBSE board as the syllabus for JEE Mains exam was based on the lines of NCERT.
His father is into business, while his mother is a homemaker.