Career Prospects in Fashion & Design
A career in Fashion is no longer just a "fashionable" career choice but quite a lucrative one too! Find out why it is booming as the best career option!

The world of design and fashion has expanded enormously owing to globalisation and technology. India has been making its mark in the fashion industry across the world and is now a name to reckon with. Celebrities across the world are often spotted wearing Indian designers’ creations, be it clothes or accessories.

About Fashion & Design

Fashion designers help create the billions of dresses, suits, shoes and other clothing and accessories purchased every year by consumers. In a fashion designing school, students learn the history of fashion, different fashion techniques like cutting, sewing, tailoring, draping and finally presenting design, which could be using computers as well. And then you learn about marketing yourself and your designs. Classes teach you fashion marketing, business practices, client relations, and agency procedures. Once you have the fashion knowledge, school credentials and the right contacts, you may be able to gain an entry-level position as a fashion merchandiser, assistant designer, stylist, illustrator, private label designer or technical designer.

Education Qualifications

Career in any category of this vast field requires no major education qualification. But a diploma if not a degree would certainly help in carving a niche in this field, especially when it comes to computer aided design or fashion techniques. There are many government and private institutes offering courses in the field from certificate to post graduate levels.

Job Prospects

There are no limits to jobs in this field. The best part is that you never retire! An increasing reliance on artists to create digital or multimedia artwork will drive growth. Among craft and fine artists, talented individuals who have attained mastery of artistic techniques and skills will always have best opportunities available.

In the fashion industry, demand is on increase for stylish clothing that is affordable, especially among middle-income consumers which will increase the need for fashion designers among apparel wholesalers. New jobs will arise from an increasing population demanding more clothing, footwear and accessories. Also, there are exciting opportunities in textile designing, apparel merchandising, fashion styling, visual merchandising and fashion communications. Fashion communication is a new concept but a very exciting field that has opened up in the fashion industry. It involves working on design strategies, brands, portfolios, etc. It is extremely relevant in today’s scenario of rapid developments in the fashion industry, where many Indian brands are competing with international brands.