Tips to improve communication skills
Most of the students who are academically brilliant suffer at some point of life and do not get selected in job interviews and campus activities only because of their poor communication skill. The language plays a crucial role in one’s career.

Right from the interview to seek admission in your dream college to corporate job interview, the fluency and knowledge of language and communication become the prime and decisive factor of your selection. The following are the tips to improve your communication skills.

Make English your daily language
Make English your default language. Start conversation in only English. This will enhance the knowledge of this language and will also eliminate the hesitation of speaking English.

If you start reading novels, magazines, journals and newspaper, it will surely bring a significant improvement in your knowledge of language. You can underline the words of which the meanings are unknown to you and look the meaning in the dictionary

Observe how others speak
Listen to the experts intuitively while they speak on television or on internet. See and observe how they are speaking. This will teach you correct pronunciation, sentence building, the correct use of grammar and much more.

Enhance Vocabulary
A strong vocab will give you enough content to speak. Sometimes you have the confidence and the ability but you are unable to speak as you lack appropriate words. Make a diary of the new words learnt so that you can revise the newly learnt words.

Speak against a mirror
This is an age old method to develop confidence and enhance your communication skill. Practice extempore in front of the mirror. You can also assign yourself a topic to speak on it.