Tips to crack interview
Have an interview scheduled? Get updated with some tips to crack an interview here.

Jot down most probable questions
You should jot down all the questions you think you might be asked in an interview. You must prepare them well. The interview panel will mostly choose the questions from your past work experience or past educational background. The questions may be technical or personal. Be prepared well with the technical questions which will be related to your education or work. The personal questions will be asked about your goals, achievements, weaknesses, family background,  etc.

Don’t be stressed
It is important to keep up the confidence throughout the interview. If you do not know a certain answer, you must not get stressed or nervous. It is perfectly fine to say, “Sorry I don’t know sir or mam”. You are not expected to know everything in this world. You can also take time to answer. You do not need to be in hurry to speak as soon as you hear the question. It is perfectly fine to take few seconds to think your answer before speaking.

Get groomed
You must look neat and tidy. Your shoes must be polished and nails should be cut. Groom yourself well before hitting an interview like get the shave done and also get a haircut done.

Be assertive
Talk about your achievements and not weakness unless asked. When the panel asks you to introduce yourself, you must talk about your achievements.

Look into the eyes
Look into the eyes of the interviewer. Also, you must maintain an eye contact while answering to the person. Looking downwards or elsewhere may mean that you are nervous or not interested.