Teachers Get Axe for Spelling Errors in RBSE English Paper
Two government school teachers got the axe and a decision to penalise a printing press was taken after an error-ridden question paper for Class X students appearing for their half-yearly English exam left education officials in Rajasthan red-faced.

A passage on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the paper read: “As a speaker he is known as a crowd-puller. He is the most sovy political leader of India.” 

The errors occurred at both levels, the teachers who prepared and reviewed the paper and the printing press, Ratan Singh Yadav, Jaipur district education officer, said.

"One of the teachers, Ritu Srivastava, prepared the question paper and another teacher, Sarita Yadav, moderated it but the errors were there in the paper on Monday," he said.

Yadav said nearly 15-16 errors were made at the level of the teachers and the printing press was responsible for 12-13 inaccuracies.

"All errors were related to spellings. There was no factual or conceptual error in the paper," the officer said.

Yadav said the two teachers were suspended with immediate effect after the matter came to light and a decision to penalise the printing press was taken.

Papers for half-yearly exams are prepared at district level.

"The paper was distributed in all government and private schools in Jaipur affiliated to the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer," he said.

There are more than 2 lakh students in about 35,000 government and private schools in Jaipur which are affiliated to the RBSE.