Must Read for IAS Aspirants: Secret Of UPSC Toppers
New Delhi

While nearly 10 lakh candidates apply for the Civil Services Examination every year and half of them take the exam, this year, just 1,100 got through but only 180 of them will get the coveted IAS.

Nandini K R, hailing from Karnataka, has topped the UPSC Civil Services 2016. Considered to be one of the toughest examination in its recruitment process, the commission conducted the UPSC main examinations on December 2016 and the final interview were conducted on March-May, 2017.

Tips to crack IAS exam in first attempt
There are many who keep attempting the IAS exams year after year. Being one of the toughest exams to pass, it needs a lot of hard work and correct strategy to clear IAS exam and that too in the first attempt. Here are some tips to crack IAS exam in first attempt.

Start preparing early
It takes the entire year and a consistent effort of months to get through the exam and become an IAS. You should start preparing as soon as you are done with your graduation exams or your post-graduation exams. The earlier, the better.

Make your own study material
Instead of borrowing notes, make your own. This will give you better grasping power, better memory, and you will be more comfortable with your own handwriting.

Avoid Distractions
There will be a lot of distractions on your way. If you have joined some coaching class, fellow students would want you to join them for a movie or dinner and may ask you to bunk your classes. But the idea is to remain focused and very strict about your routine. Remember, it is only consistency that will take you to the top.

Sleep well
As per experts, a sleep deprived man’s brain works half the capacity. Do not compromise on your sleep. You can wake up early in the morning to study but be very mindful of the hours of sleep.

Current affairs
Develop a habit of reading newspaper daily. Glancing the headline won’t be enough for an IAS aspirant. You must thoroughly read to enhance your GK and get well informed about the current affairs and ongoing burning topic.

Do concentration exercises
The most common problem of many students are that they are unable to concentrate. But it can be handled. Learn some yogic concentration exercises to strengthen your mind and have a better concentration power.

Chose right books
There are many books available in the market for IAS preparation by various unknown authors. But to choose correct and right book, take an expert opinion. Ask your teacher or you can also search over internet to find out which book is best for which subject.