Interview Tips: Words That Create Bad Impression
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Thousands of candidates apply for a vacancy. But the best fit gets selected for their post. What skills the successful candidate posses? Why he/ she got selected? How he/she interacted with the interviewer? 

Well, the answer is the best and perfect use of vocabulary. Of course, words you use during an interview have a very big impact and increase the chance of getting selected for the job. 

At times you say words which have a negative impact and lead you to get rejected during a job interview. 

Following is a list of words you need to eliminate from your vocabulary to remain upbeat and positive. 

During an interview, a candidate might get nervous. He/ she might even fumble and say Ummmm... 
This word creates a negative impact. Once you use this word during an interview, the interviewer thinks you don’t know the answer and nervous. 
Always remember that we talk thousands of words in a day. Words are the connecting link between our vision and actions. First listen and then reply. 

Just replace the word ‘Try’ with ‘I will’. On one hand, this word ‘Try’ implies the possibility that things might not go as planned. On the other hand, ‘I will’ indicates that you are determined and positive towards your goal. So, avoid this word ‘Try’ immediately from your vocabulary. 

Never use the word ‘Can’t’ while talking with the interviewer during an interview.
At times, the interviewer tries to judge the ability of the candidate and asks the candidate to perform a particular task. Then the candidate should say that I will learn.   

When you say maybe you give the impression of being unable to make a decision on a particular situation. It indicates a mere possibility or probability. 

I have not... 
The line ‘I have not....’ is directly proportional to the chance of your rejection. While judging the potentials of the candidate, the interviewer asks the candidates they have done similar type of job earlier or not. 

No idea
Especially during GD round, a current affair topic is given to the candidates. The candidates are supposed to present their views and opinion. Even if the candidate doesn’t know the answer, he/she should not say ‘No idea’ about the topic. Instead, the candidate should speak on issues related to the given topic.     

Be confident and fluent during an interview. Even if you are wrong, be confident and don’t regret. Don’t tell the interviewer that you regret and sorry for the mistakes. Always, remember we all learn from our mistakes. 

The word ‘Impossible’ is always toxic to the person taking your interview. If any task is given to you by the interviewer and you don’t know. Just do it. If you say that it is impossible for you to do the task then it promotes negativity and creates bad impression.  Just say that I will do it. Anything is possible. This will create a positive impact on the interviewer.  

This is another word you should completely forget about. Just change your vision and replace the word ‘Problem’ with ‘Opportunity.’ Always remember problems can always be solved and things become problems because we choose to see them that way. 

Don’t get used to the word ‘Procrastination’. It means keep on delaying things. Always remember the proverb – A stitch in time saves nine. Take the effort to deal with a problem right now don’t leave it for tomorrow.  So, take up challenge and tell your interviewer that you are the best fit for the job and yield best output. 

Don’t Know
Before appearing for the interview, brush up your general knowledge. Get the latest updates from the newspaper. Because the interviewer will judge you how well you know about the latest current affairs. So, don’t say that don’t know the latest news. 

In a bid to judge the candidate’s general awareness, the person taking the interview asks the candidate what is today’s headline. The most common answer from the candidate is ‘I read newspaper but today I gave miss today.’ When you use the word ‘but’ it becomes a connector word that negates whatever was used before it.   

The word ‘Someday’ suggests a lack commitment. This word directly creates a negative impact on the interviewer’s mind. Every day is an opportunity for you. Grab the opportunity and do the task given to you today. Change your mindset and improve yourself every day.

I hate my former boss
The most important phrase that you need to remove from your vocabulary is I hate my former boss. Be diplomatic. Tell you enjoyed your work and the work environment.  Always reveal the positive points about your former company and colleagues. You cannot form opinions about others. Well, stop complaining about your former colleagues and company. 

Therefore, erase the above-mentioned words from your vocabulary. It will definitely have a great impact on ability and increase the chance of grabbing the job immediately. Be confident and appear for the interview.