Interesting Facts on UP Board 12 Result 2018
UP Board 12th class exam concluded in March 2018 and it’s time for the results.

Students that toiled hard to perform well are anxiously looking forward to the results to be declared.
Originally 29,81,327 students registered to appear for the UP Board class 12 exam this year but after around 10 lakh students withdrew consequent upon heavy crackdown on the cheaters by the authorities the number was reduced to around 24 lakhs.
For class 10, number of registerations were 36,55,691 originally but it came down below 30 lakh after the withdrawal process was over.
It was first time in the nine decades of history of the UP Board.
Now the students who appeared in the exams ultimately and their parents, guardians, teachers, and schools are all looking forward to the UP Board 12th result 2018.
How the UP Board 12 Result will be Out
For the last few years the UP Board results for 10th as well as the 12th classes are being published online in the official website of the Board.
The UP Board 12 result 2018 will also be published online on the Board website for reference of all concerned.
This will make the result publish faster and convenient for the students all over the country to view and download the result.
Though the result published online is provisional only they can be used for appearing in the All India Entrance Tests for different streams as well as for taking admission in the choicest academies for the students as the online downloaded and printed result is acceptable in all quarters.
Reasons for Transition in UP Board 12th Result
There are several reasons for transition from the past manual publication of results to present day digital publication of the UP Board 12th result.
In the past when website and Internet were not available the results usually were published in the print media.
The problem was that the students only came to know their grading and results but not about the detailed score cards.
They could not also get entry to various All India Entrance Tests or academies on the basis of results published in paper.
They had to wait for the final results coming from the Board for career progression.
Online publication of UP Board result class 12 resolved all these issues as the students and anyone interested in knowing the results could access the website of the Board directly or through some authentic affiliated site and could not only view but also download the score card sitting in the cool comforts of their homes instead of frantically searching for a copy of the newspaper or loitering around the Board Office or locations that were overcrowded on the D-day.
Use of digital technology has brought UP Board result 2018 class 12 to one’s doorsteps.