HRD Ministry To Set Up Online Network Of Research Facilities Available In Universities
Research Facilities
The Union HRD Ministry has decided to establish an online national network to list all the scientific, technical, analytical and research equipment available in universities across the country to help the legitimate users to have an access to them.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has written to all the universities and higher educational institutions in the country, asking them to furnish information about the existing facilities.

"The government has planned to establish an online national network that lists all the scientific, technical, analytical, research equipment and facilities procured with funds provided by its agencies and installed in academic research and development organisations across the country," the UGC communication to the institutes read.

Through the network, it is proposed that the "custodians" of such equipment and facilities will provide access to researchers and other legitimate users, so that they can utilise the facilities for their academic or non-academic research and development work through an online reservation system, according to the communication.