Dos and Don'ts of job interview
Are you appearing for an interview and confused what to do and what not? Well, here is the answer.  

Dos of the job interview

Following are some of the pointers in the DO list:

Be confident: This is the most important thing to do. Keep up the motivation and confidence level to impress the panel.

Smile: The interview panel loves the smiling faces. Keep a smiling face throughout the interview, but don’t overdo it.

Dress well: You need to wear neat and clean ironed clothes in an interview.

Be polite: Be polite and warm.

Maintain eye contact: Looking into the eyes of the interviewer as you answer his questions.

Talk positive: Do not tell your weakness unless asked. Concentrate more on your strengths and achievements.

Don'ts of the job interview:

Following are some of the pointers in the DO NOT DO list:

Do not dodge: If the panel has asked you something that you do not know, the best answer is, "I am sorry sir/mam, I do not know". This is much better than dodging and taking the topic elsewhere.

Do not sound aggressive: Relax and be patient. Do not end up showing an aggressive side to the panel.

Do not use too much of perfume: Some people use a fragrant spray or a deo before going to an interview. Use a milder version. A strong odor may make the panel uncomfortable.

Do not look stressed: Relax and have a good time during the interview. You are not going for a war and this is not the question of your life and death.