5 Unexpected MBA Interview Questions From IIM
5 unexpected MBA interview questions from IIM

IIM, the best B school of the country, is the dream college of every student who wants to pursue the management course. Lacks of students apply in IIMfor the limited seats. Candidates who have been through an IIM interview have witnessed some of the weirdest questions asked by the panelists. Some are shared below:

Spell the word “COW”

One of the panelist in the IIM Interview asked the candidate the spelling of cow. Simple, isn’t it? Actually no. Because he asked the candidate to spell the cow in thirteen letters. The candidate made a funny sound saying “Coooooooowwww”, but the answer was wrong. The panelist did share the correct answer with the candidate. Can you guess? Well, the correct answer is “See o double you”.

Choose your girl

The panelist asked a candidate to choose a girl for himself out of the one who is “hot but not loyal” and the other one is “loyal but not hot”. The candidate asked if he can have more options to which panelist replied that there are no more girls and boys in the planet. The candidate replied that he would chose the hot girl because since there are no more boys on the planet, he won’t have to worry about her loyalty.

What will you do if I run with your sister?

One of the panelist in an interview of IIM Kolkata, asked something very shocking. The question asked was “What will you do if I run away with your sister?” The candidate did not panic and reply that he would be happy and clapping. When asked why, he said, “I will be happy to see you and my sister running a marathon”.

Day name trick

The panelist asked, “Can you take three consecutive days names together without saying Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday?” The question is tricky but the candidate managed to give a convincing answer by saying, “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”.


One candidate was asked to explain the recruitment and the HR structure of ISIS. The candidate would still bein a shock.