10 Most Interesting Jobs
Every person looks for a job which will make him 100% happy. There are many job profiles which are not only interesting but pay heavily as well. We have made a list of 10 most interesting jobs in the world which can change your life completely.

1.    Brew Master: If you love beer and want to be a place where it actually takes it form, then being a brew master is the right path for you. It needs extensive training and years of practice but it is all worth.

2.    Disney Character: The love you had for fairytales during your childhood can become a reality. You can become a Disney Character, dress like it and enjoy your job while feeling like a celebrity.

3.    Video Game Tester: Those who love to play high-end video games, the job as a tester will be the best. All you have to do is play video games and report flaws or give suggestions if any.

4.    Art Restorer: It needs practice and a lot of concentration but it is all worth when you see masterpieces in front of you. As an art restorer, you will be working with artifacts and bring back their glory with perfection.

5.    Volcanologist: Hot flowing lava, flying ash and a lot of smoke are what your job profile will bring on your way but it is all worth as you will be studying the actual power of nature.

6.    Body Painter: This job profile is for those who love to bring special characters to life. The job profile is in high demand, especially in the film industry.

7.    Fragrance Chemist: Fragrance Chemist‘s task is to mix different fragrances to make a new fragrance for your client. That one iconic fragrance can make you rich and famous.

8.    Animal Whisperer: The main job of an animal whisperer is to interact with different animals and understand their ways of living. It is fascinating as well as high paying job.

9.    Horticultural Therapist: Your job is to use the planting process and plans as physical and physiological therapy. It is a very satisfying job profile.

10.    Gadget tester: This job profile is still flourishing and it is best for those who have a love for technology. You will be surrounded by new gadgets all the time.