UP Board Result 2021: Career Related Questions Commonly Asked by Class 12th Board Students
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UP Board 12th Result 2021: The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) is likely to announce UP Board Class 10 and Class 12 Results soon. According to the latest reports, the board is expected to announce the UP Board Class 10 and UP Board Class 12 results by the second week of July on the official website of UPMSP at upmsp.edu.in.

Meanwhile, questions regarding career options are arising in the minds of students, and so we have made a list of Career-Related Questions Asked by UP Board Class 12th Students in this article.Go thoroughly with the article and clear your doubts

Q. I have secured 86% in class 12 with both Biology and Mathematics and I wish to become a dentist. Is there any other way to go for it other than going for an MBBS degree?
Ans. No, you don’t have to get an MBBS degree in order to become a dentist. BDS, or Bachelor in Dental Surgery is enough for one to be certified as a dentist.
To become a dentist after MBBS you need to get a specialization in the field of MS/MD which is not only time consuming but a waste of money as well. BDS degree is equally recognized for dentistry just like MBBS degree is recognized for MS/MD.

Q. I have got 78% in my UP BOARD exams. Is agriculture a better field for further study than biotechnology?
Ans. Both fields are equally good with immense possibilities. Because of the lack of agricultural land many nations have switched to sustainable practices of agriculture, which is the reason for the current boom in this industry and for Agriculturists. Biotechnologists have proved to be a valuable helping hand to Agriculturists in their mission to grow sustainable crops.The pay scale for Biotechnologists is much, much higher than that of Agriculturists. But in future, with the rising demand for genetically modified crops, both these counterparts are sure to equally benefit a lot.

Q. I have done UP BOARD from an arts group with 89% and 95 in Geography? I have a keen interest in geography, but all family members say that there aren’t many jobs after higher studies in geography. I am confused whether picking geography as my subject for further studies would prove fruitful or not?
Ans. Many jobs other than the government ones are available for a geography graduate. For geography graduates, the fields of studies and jobs are Meteorology, Climatology, GIS, Geographer, Environmentalists, etc. Those who like a travelling job can opt for geography. It just demands a good amount of dedication to the subject. A good earning could be expected.

Q. Is there any scope after doing History honours?
Ans. History honours is a very good course if you are interested in the study of artefacts and ancient architecture. You can further go for Archaeological Study by opting for a diploma programme from The Heritage Institute, New Delhi. You can also opt for government, museum, and archival jobs.

Q. I scored 90% in my UP BOARD Exams with 96 in maths and 83 in physics. I am very confused as to which career I should pursue. Please help!
Ans. A lot of options are available for you. You could go for an honours degree in Physics or Mathematics and later become a teacher, lecturer, or professor. You can also go for Engineering. There are a lot of options for you to choose from but it would be better if you could share with us your exact area of interest.

Q. Sir, I have scored 76% with science stream? I am afraid that I would not be able to get admission in a good college?
First of all, don’t panic! There is nothing like ‘good college or bad college’, it all depends on the course which you opt for. Opt for a course which is in demand and paves way for future prospects. Compulsory college courses are not the only one. You could even go for vocational courses as they give a lot of subject knowledge and first-hand experience before you go job hunting in a particular industry. In that way, you are a step ahead of other regular graduates. For example, if you are interested in computer or animation games and their designing, you could go for courses that offer expertise in animation and gaming.

Q. I am a commerce student with a score of 91%. I am very much obsessed with stock markets. Should I pursue graduation or go for Chartered Accountant? Is there any other way for me to achieve my goal?
Chartered Accountant is not a correct option; it is an accountant’s job not a stock broker’s job. You could join a degree college and go for graduation in Commerce or Economics. Later you could also opt for a Master in Business Administration or a Master’s degree in Commerce or Economics. In India, there are certified courses conducted by the NSE in venture with reputed institutes which provide short term courses to aspiring professional stock brokers.
Remember, a stock broker is a specialist economist, financial planner, and a market analyst all rolled into one. The bottom line is, it can prove to be a very successful and promising career choice.

Q. Hello sir, I am very much confused about my career choice. I have scored 58% in my UP BOARD Exams from science stream. With such low marks I am afraid that I will not get admission to any college. The subjects of my studies were English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Education and French. Please advise!
You yourself have given the answer to your question. Do you know how much a language translator earns? There is a high demand for language translating professionals. You could go for a degree from a reputed college for BA French from Fergusson College in Pune, Banaras Hindu University and Alliance Francaise which has several centres across India.

Q. Is Petroleum Engineering a promising career choice for the near future? I have scored 72% in my UP BOARD exams. Would it be the right choice for me?
Petroleum Engineering is currently one of the highest paid jobs if you move out of India. In future, the demand for energy would be even more, so we would suggest you to go for a Petroleum Management degree after Engineering. There are many good institutes in India which provide this course. Since you do not hold the merit eligibility of 80% you have to go for the entrance exams, either the JEE or university specified entrances.

Q. I have scored 96% in my UP BOARD exams. Would I be able to get admission for a bachelor’s degree in any university out of India?
Yes, it is easy for you to get an admission to any university out of India, and because of your high percentage, it is very much possible that you won’t have to go through English language test.

Q. Sir, I have scored 75% in my UP BOARD class 12 exams. I wish to get into the IT sector. Please guide me through the procedure?
Go for a B. Tech in IT or Bachelor’s in Computer Science with a specialization certificate in IT from a reputed institute. Currently, IT jobs pay well!

Q. I wish to become a professor of Mathematics. I have scored 81% with 98 in Mathematics in UP BOARD exams. What should I do now?
Go for a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and later, an M.Sc. in Mathematics. After M.Sc. you are eligible to become a lecturer. Subsequently, go for a Phd. in Mathematics and after a successful research thesis you will be eligible for the post of a professor.

Q. How could I become a social worker? What are the best colleges for it?
Social Work means voluntary help provided to the underprivileged people and includes a broader population. It is considered a noble job and a social worker should possess lots of patience. You have to go for a Bachelor's and Master’s in Social Work.
Many good universities provide this course, like Delhi University, Mumbai University etc.

Q. I have scored 58% in class 12th and am looking for a career in the marine industry. How should I proceed?
To join the Merchant Navy you need to give the entrance exam of various colleges which offer this degree. Subjects mandatory for the Merchant Navy exam are:

  1. Physics

  2. Chemistry

  3. Mathematics

  4. English

You should have studied the above mentioned subjects in classes 11 and class 12 with minimum 55% marks and in English 60%.

Courses for Merchant Navy:

1. B. Tech Naval Architecture- 4 year degree course

2. B. Tech in Marine Engineering- 4 year degree course

3. B. Sc. in Nautical Science- 3 year degree course


Q. In class 12th I had PCM but not Biology as a subject. Can I get admission in medicine related courses?
Biology is a mandatory subject for pursuing medical courses. You can opt for health science/social science streams. Some options are Pathology, Nutrition, Occupational Health & Safety, and Healthcare Management etc.

Q. I have done class 12 with science stream and scored 73 percent. I like math.  I am confused as to what to do and what courses I can opt for?
There are various career options which suit the person’s area of interest.
Since you have liking for math, a few options related to it are given below:

  1. Engineering

  2. Applied mathematics

  3. Astronomy

  4. Astrophysics

  5. Architecture

  6. Chartered accountancy


Q. Are Mass Media Communication courses available after both class 10th and class 12th?
Courses in Mass Media Communication are available only after class 12th.

Q. Can I become a pilot after class 12th? Please suggest!
Yes, you just need to give the necessary entrance exams and medical fitness tests in order to get selected to aviation or aeronautics schools. Some of the aviation/aeronautics schools in India are:

  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi, Uttar Pradesh

  • School of Aviation Science and Technology, Delhi Flying Club Ltd, New Delhi, etc.


Q. How is a geologist different from a civil engineer? I have scored 76% in PCM. Which of the two should I go ahead with?
A Civil Engineer is one who prepares plans for buildings; structures etc. and mark his presence till the completion of the project. But a Geologist is one who tests whether the specified land is suitable for the execution of a given project and gives his opinion to the Civil Engineer for required changes in the designs.
Both are very promising careers and are in high demand. We would like to mention that the field of Engineering Geologists is the highest paying job in Australia.

Q. Hi Sir. I have scored 82% from commerce stream and wish to become a lawyer. How should I go ahead?
Simply go for an LLB degree or an integrated B. Com-LLB degree. Later, you could go for an LLM, but keep in mind to do some apprenticeship before opting for the Master’s degree as it will increase the value of your Master’s degree.

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