CBSE 2024: Board has increase number of students per section, Check accommodation rate and other details here
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CBSE 2024: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has revised the maximum number of students allowed in any class section. In a notice issued, CBSE announced that the limit of 40 students per section has been slightly modified, increasing the limit to 45 students. 


This decision considers cases where students join a class mid-session due to their parents' transfers and those in the Essential Repeat (ER) category. This decision follows representations made by schools regarding the admission of such students.


The notice stated, "Considering cases of students joining mid-session due to parents' transfers and those in the Essential Repeat (ER) category, CBSE has partially revised the student limit to 45 to accommodate mid-session and repeat category students."


In an official notice, CBSE stated, "In cases where students may join mid-session due to parents' transfers, and for students in the Essential Repeat (ER) category, schools may have more than 40 students in a section, up to a limit of 45 students."


However, the board clarified that this exemption will be available on a case-by-case basis, for which the school must apply to the concerned regional office with supporting documents.


CBSE instructed schools not to use this provision as a general rule and to keep the maximum number of students at 40. The notice stated, "However, this provision should not be considered a general norm for the school and should be used very judiciously. Additionally, the school must ensure that the number of students in entry-level classes remains limited to 40 per section."


The board reiterated that if a school meets the basic requirements such as land availability and the number of rooms as specified in the affiliation bylaws, it can apply to increase the number of sections on the SARAS portal to accommodate more students. 


CBSE further informed schools that the link to submit online applications for increasing or decreasing sections is already open on the SARAS portal until June 30, 2024.