JEE Main Result 2023 Releasing Soon: Which NIT Will You Get at How Many Marks?
JEE MAIN Result 2023 Releasing Soon: Which NIT Will You Get at How Many Marks - PC : MRP Graphics
JEE Main Result 2023 Releasing Soon, NIT Prediction According to Marks Range: The National Testing Agency (NTA) will release the JEE Main Session 2 result soon on its official website. Career counselling expert Amit Ahuja provides marks range for admission to NITs and IIITs based on JEE-Main scores.

Which NIT Will You Get at How Many Marks?

According to career counselling expert Amit Ahuja, the difficulty level of the JEE-Main exam can vary slightly in each session. In such situations, the admission possibilities to NITs and IIITs can be explained to students based on their marks range.

NIT Admission Guide for 240 to 280 Marks

The JEE Main exam is out of 300 marks. Students who score between 240 and 280 have a chance to get CS in top NITs such as Trichy, Warangal, and Suratkal. If students score between 220 and 240 marks, they can also get core branches, including Allahabad, Jaipur, Calicut, Rourkela, and IIIT Allahabad.

NIT Admission Guide for 180 to 220 Marks

For students who score between 180 and 220 marks, they can get the CS Core Branches of Bhopal, Kurukshetra, Surat, Nagpur, Delhi, and the Core Branches of IIIT Jabalpur, Gwalior, Lucknow, and Guwahati, along with other branches in the above 7 NITs.

NIT Admission Guide for 150 to 180 Marks

Students scoring between 150 and 180 can be admitted to NITs in Bhopal, Kurukshetra, Surat, Nagpur and Delhi, along with other branches of NIT Jalandhar, Hamirpur, Durgapur, Jamshedpur, Shibpur, Patna, Raipur, Goa, Silchar Core Branch, and IIIT Vadodara, Pune. They can also be admitted to Sonipat, Surat, Nagpur, Bhopal, Trichy, Raipur, Kanchipuram, Ranchi, Dharwad, Agartala and Kalyani.

NIT Admission Guide for 130 to 150 Marks

For those who get 130 to 150 marks, they can take admission in the new IIIT, apart from the core branches of the above-mentioned NITs (NIT Andhra Pradesh, Srinagar, Uttarakhand, Puducherry, North East NIT Manipur, Sikkim, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland etc.).

NIT Admission Guide for 100 to 130 Marks

With 100 to 130 marks, there is a possibility of getting admission to the core branches of GFTIs. However, the cut-off marks for admission may vary based on the student's category. The above-given marks range of 15 to 20 marks higher or lower can be adjusted due to a change in the difficulty level of the JEE Main paper.

Uttar Pradesh Board 10th and 12th Result Date

The UP Board 10th and 12th Result 2023 is likely to be announced soon. Students can register here ( to get the fastest result directly on their mobile phones.