CBSE tightens norms for changing name, date of birth
Making the changing of names or date of birth more stringent, CBSE has issued a circular saying these could be done provided court orders are produced and the changes are notified in the government gazette before publication of results.

So far, changes in name/surname or date of birth could be done by affidavit followed by advertisement in newspapers.

However, the latest decision has been taken after careful consideration of hundreds of applications and "genuineness" of the requests, officials in the HRD Ministry said.

The Central Board of Secondary Education had in February this year issued the circular which also said no correction in date of birth shall be made after one year of the date of issue of the qualifying certificates.

Further, all applications for correction in date of birth will have to be submitted to the CBSE chairman.

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"Applications regarding change in names or surnames may be granted provided the change has been admitted by the court of law and notified in the government gazette before the publications of the results of the candidates," the circular said.

While the decision has raised the worries of hundreds of students and parents with such requests, officials maintained that the move was aimed at dissuading those who sought to take advantage of CBSE rules.

Changing date of birth helped students get more chances in competitive examinations. And such requests come four to five years after board exams.

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Hence a conscious decision has been taken to not correct date of birth after one year of the date of issue of the qualifying certificates, they reasoned.

Since the order in February, about 400 requests are pending with CBSE.

The circular said that “as a matter of due diligence and administrative propriety, all such decisions on the file since October 1, 2014 should be suspended on "as is where is" basis and reviewed".